Living out Stress

Living out Stress

We all have our everyday stressors. Traffic, bosses, money, love life, families and many more. If we consider this all a negative thing, we can only have 10% of peace of mind a day. And this can only add up to our stress which can even turn down our peace of mind percentage up to zero.

So, we have this so-called stress relievers that people use to lower down stress level or make it into good use.

For me, i have plenty of things i do to relieve my stress. Like this past few days, I’ve been bugged with misfortunes and its very indisputable so my stress level is soaring high up in the sky.

For a simple person like me, with an irregular work hours, limited resources and busy bee friends, what can i do?

1. I do things I like to do. Its already negative so lets balanced it up with positive things by doing chores you like. I like going to places with different shapes, colorful theme and sea of faces. It makes me think and pulls me away from stress.
2. Music Madness. You’ll know when I’m not in the mood with the kind of song I sing and listened to. Alternative pop rock is one of the genres i love when my self esteem is lowering down. their upbeat tone and rhythm can bring me high enough to pull me, myself and I altogether.
3. Chatting. Like going to places, conversing to people you do not know is one of my alternatives also. You get to know different people with different perspective and characters and attitudes that can challenge you to be open and flexible.
4. Reading Books. I have pending books to read on, and when I read, my mind goes to places beyond reality and brings me back with a different outlook.
5. Watch movie/TV.
6. I WRITE. So, focusing on writing, I get to say anything I want. Im more of a writer than a speaker. though I talk so much when around my friends but i really prefer to write, that’s where my mind starts to wander… again.

It”s really up to us how we perceived stress. if you take stress as a challenge, now that’s positive. Overcoming it is a good sign that your health and well being is intact. Whereas, saying “I’m stressed out,” or “I’m so tired” over and over again is one way of saying to your body that you cannot go on. and what the mind tells your body, your body will perform. If your mind sets out at a negative tune, then your body will follow. and the rest as we say it, is history.

Peace out yow.(^_^)v