No Goodbyes, Just See You

No Goodbyes, Just See You

Sometimes, we stay not for the money but for the people that consists that place. Even when we are struggling, still you cant let go because we still have something to hold on to. But things shouldn’t be that way. We’ll never grow as an individual if we let ourselves be in that same circle. We need to go beyond our comfort zone.

I know, sometimes I’m scared to go further beyond the line. Not confident enough if I can survive a larger crowd. But I know… YOU, great people will support me in every way. Missing will never go away.. but i have to face this on my own.

But everything that happened during my three years has made me a person I am now. Although, I have a lot of imperfections, my experiences taught me to be better. Better in a way that acceptance and being open to things and responding accordingly to them. I may have my up.. down.. down.. down.. up.. down.. moments, I still treasure those moments.For those moments I’m with the best people that guide me all the way. That though I’m the weakest link, still they didn’t lose hope that I can be saved. hahaha! Sorry guys, I think I failed you. =___=

I’m not running away. I will not do that. But chance won’t let me finish this one, so I must be good at the next one. And you’ll see, I’ll make you proud too.

For friends that are always there.. cheering, chatting(front back side), sharing foods, going out, and many more.. I think I’m going to miss you. Hmm… >__<

This is not the end. We'll be back.. I'll be back.

But wait.. there's more..





"If you can't fly.. then run, if you cant run, then walk, if you cant walk. then crawl but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."

–Martin Luther King Jr.