A Letter to You, the Man whose Heart I Meant to Catch

I’m so excited to meet you that I’m actually writing this now. I hope to give this to you soon. 

I want you to know that I would like to travel with you or make plans for the future together. 

I’m not that in a hurry, though. If you want to take your precious time to get to know me better, I’m cool with it.

I want you to take the initiative to hold my hand whenever, wherever. If you see something you didn’t like, please tell as soon s possible, I’ll do the same. As much as possible, I dont like secrets. But if it’s something like a surprise, then you’re most welcome. Haha!

Today, I’m writing this letter to you. I just don’t know why but I feel like my heart will explode if I won’t be able to speak or write this one out. 

Last thing is, I want you to know that I am not a princess for sure. I’m not waiting for you riding your white horse. I’m not Cinderella. Well, partly I’m Aurora coz I love sleeping, lol. But nonetheless, I don’t need a prince charming. Just come as is… I’ll be waiting.