My Dysfunctional Family



Did you ever feel that finally you belong?

That even though you’re different, you still feel accepted? No doubt. No hesitation.

That once in your life you can confidently say, “I finally made the right decision!”

Have you loved a stranger like your own?

Have you been embarrassed in front of a huge crowd but you just let it go?

Did you feel that tingling sensation every time you talk?

And for every second that you stay in one place, you want to go somewhere else right away.

In a place where you want to be alone but still want to feel everyone’s presence.

I know right now these questions are nonsense to you.

But you will realize, that in some point in your life, you will be asked the same questions.

And somehow, it’s inevitable that you will have to answer.

Anyway, that is not why I am writing. Hahaha! Gotcha there!

Right now, I really wanted to write about a dysfunctional family, according to our trainers, but a family nonetheless.

Yeah, I know I’m crazy. Lol

And the way I write right now will have me killed a million times for the same reason.

Going back…

People come and go, and for the times that they stay, they will teach you so many things.

To laugh… to cry… to hate… to understand… to share… to love…

That’s why value people who come into your life.

They may do you wrong, but the fact that they still teach you a lesson is enough for you to be thankful.

But if you have people in your life that stayed with you no matter what, be very thankful.

I am thankful.

I have people I can consider as a friend… a sister/brother… a mother/father… a mentor… a family.

I even managed to answer those questions I’ve mentioned, and luckily I felt even better.

Having people you can consider as family outside home is really helpful.

They keep you feel loved.

They keep your ego down, but lift it up at the same time.

Bully you.

Eat your food.

Accompany you to wherever you want to go.

Share gossips.

Laugh at you and laugh with you.

Empathize and sympathize.

And the one I like the most… rapport me!

So, who wouldn’t want a family like mine?