Hey Hey 2014!

Hey Hey 2014!

So, first day of New Year, and what am I doing? Haha.. Almost all of the posts i read from my social media accounts were about things that happened in their lives during 2013. Some were greetings to their new life in 2014. Me, I just want to thank every person that became part of my 2013 life. And to all the people that will stay as we enter another year of trials, happiness, success and many more. Cheers to us! More beer please..

Start Here.

We never knew what the future holds, so let’s just live our lives to the fullest. Laugh.. Love.. Live! Just say hello to New Year with an attitude!

My New Years Resolution (pasingit lang)
>> gain weight (again)
>> color hair (green, blue or pink)
>> drink a lot (of water.. hehe)
>> career advancement (i’ll think about this)
>> go out with friends (often)

ung iba, pagiisipan ko pa! hahaha.. think before u click! ^___^

that’s all for now folks!

peace out yow!


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