People judged people easily never knowing how it it will affect each others lives. Like the saying goes, “dont judge a book by its cover,” yes, we judge someone for their physical looks. That’s how first impression was made. But as you know that person, you will understand why and what made them the way they are now. It depends on how you try to see them through. If you won’t exert effort in trying to find out what stood behind those walls, you’ll really wouldn’t know what you’re missing.

I encountered a joke one time when I was listening to a radio sation. The DJ said, “Don’t judge me I’m not a book and you’re not a judge.” I was like, watda? But if you try to really look into it, it really make sense to me. You have no right to judge a person just by looking at her and making evaluation on their acts. It’s just like counting chicks when in fact the eggs haven’t hatch yet. Its an immature judging. If you are to make any comments about one’s life, you should try to live their life first. And that’s the time you can at least say to the world, that you lived that person’s life and you’re ready to have a run down of your observations. But really, could you do that? After experiencing that person’s life, feeling the pain he’s feeling, sharing the joy he is savoring and the everyday struggle that that person is living day by day. Could you? Really?

We are walking in different paths. We may crash into each other’s roads but it doesn’t mean that you have the power to lead the way. Everyone has their own calling and that means that no man is superior and inferior to each other. You may think that I’m crazy saying that noone is superior or inferior, but that’s the truth. People have tendencies to rule over people because its their destiny, their calling and that’s where God wanted them to be. Some people chooses to be unnoticed, just doing things silently and never wanting anything in return. But choosing how they live doesn’t make them inferior. It’s just the way their lives were made.

Yes, I know that its very difficult to trust anyone today. But when you’re giving a person 99% suspicion and prejudgment, just give the remaining 1% to doubt that this person might not be what you’re thinking. Maybe in future that 1% you invested to doubt in that person might be the percentage that will save you from all of the negativities you have in a person.

Just try to see through first.. and you’ll see. Judgment or not, it can still hurt, make or break and affect someone else life. So try to be a Reader of Life instead of being a Judge of a Book.

peace out yow! ^____^Image


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