Just Read

Just Read

First of all, you know how we met, right? And you know how we got close. I’ve asked you for a diversion.. it seems that that diversion became you. I’m not saying that I chose you, it just so happened that I was there, and you were also there that moment. It would’ve been anyone who’s in that same time and place. But it was YOU.

You know i was glad to know you. And I felt special when you told me secrets you never told anyone else. And really, that started something, for me.

I really missed you.. a lot!


I hope I can talk to you again. And you became my source of delight the past few days.

I dont know why, but its really difficult for me to say sweet things to people I really care about. They said I have already built a wall so high nobody can climb. I think they’re right. But I think you already knew that too.

Nobody can also read me the way you did, and we’re just chatting . they can always see me as a loka loka and its fine. But with you.. nahh.. you read people.

I just wanted to tell you..

1. Im always looking forward to your reply.
2. When I said something sweet, i hope you you can reply anything but the thumbs up. pls no thumbs up. Its really difficult to say that to a person u like and you only get a thumbs up?
3. Please get straight to the point. I am a living Maria Clara, do u expect me to answer your indirect question directly? of course not. LOL
4. Can you atleast say anything before you go offline? Like we’re having convo and then suddenly you stopped. I dont know what to think of then. That you got tired of conversing with me that you just logged off. or that you really were disconnected that you weren’t able to say anything before you leave. i dont know.. you already know i have imaginative minds. i imagined things like this.. negatively.
5. don’t be sweet. before you, i dont have anyone to say those sweet things. so, when I say things and you replied back with nothing, i get really confused.
6. Never say I miss you.

Since you’re not talking to me right now.. and even if I can see u online, it’s really okay. You already know how good I am with Diversion. After you read this, please tell me to stop. Maybe I’ll be emo for a few days, but surely I’ll get by. Dont worry about me. Hehe

I really like you.. now. It’s up to you until when…

And hey…


Just Read.

And you can forget after.

Peace out yow.. (^_^)v


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